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Dongguan Liaobu undergraduate CNC machine tool service
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Dongguan Liaobu Benke CNC machine tool service. Business registration number: 441900603966433 Deng Health, phone 13751305375 has a rich experience, strong technical expertise team, we uphold the "meticulous service, integrity and pragmatic" attitude, and strive in the shortest possible time for customers to exclude machine failure to affordable prices for customers with good service!

Specializing in systems such as FANUC CNC lathes, machining centers, computer gongs maintenance. Imported CNC machine repair: TSUGAMI (Japan Tianjin on T7, NP11, NT17, NP17, BO12, BS12,, BO18, BS18S20, BM07), CITIZEN (Japan Citizen A10, E10, F10, L10, A12, C12, F12, B12 , A16, C16, L16, C16, BL12, BL20, RL20, RL21), MIYAMO (Japan Miyano BNC20, BND34, BNC34C, BNC34C3, BCN34C5, BNC42C3, BNC42C5), OKUMA (Japan Okuma), Taiwan Long Ze, Taiwan Jin Chang, WAISNO etc.